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Kari Post is a photographer and sports and recreation professional living in New Hampshire. Born and raised in New Jersey, Kari developed a love for nature and the outdoors as a young child and has more than a decade of experience as a professional photographer. Kari served as the editor for NatureScapes.Net from 2009-2013 and was a five year committee member for the North American Nature Photography Association's college scholarship program. She has led photo workshops for NANPA, NSN, the Appalachian Mountain Club, and private photography groups and has worked with a number of non-profit organizations to develop nature photo education programs for youth. Her work has been commended by the International Conservation Photography Awards, University and College Designers Association, and in other contests, and has appeared in magazines such as Outdoor Photographer. Kari is also the Associate Producer for the 2013 documentary film The Power of Place.

When not taking pictures, Kari spends her time with her dog and partner, often adventuring outdoors on foot, bike, or boat, or working full time as the athletic director at a small independent college in Vermont. An adventurer at heart, she has several notable personal adventure achievements include biking roughly 4000 miles across the United States and climbing to the top of Cotopaxi, a 19,347 foot glacier covered volcano in Ecuador. Kari is Wilderness First Responder certified and has a Master's degree in Environmental Studies.