Journal: Winter Walk In Saddle River County Park - February 2010

My favorite thing about winter is how pretty it is - I just love the way everything looks covered in a fresh coat of white snow. The problem with winter is getting around. I don't even mind the cold so much, but usually when the snow is fresh and the most photogenic is when the roads haven't yet been plowed. If you aren't already "out there" finding trailhead parking and roadside pull-offs is pretty much impossible, so you're stuck with photographing whatever you can get to on your own two feet. 

There is a series of parks near where I grew up in New Jersey that are connected by miles of paved bike paths. The closest access point is less than a half mile from my childhood home, so growing up I would ride my bike or run there all the time. I think I might have gone crazy if I didn't have a nature space I could go and escape to on a daily basis; this place was my sanctuary as a kid. So it was the perfect place to escape to on a snowy winter day when roads were impassable but it was really too pretty to stay inside.

The bike path ended up being the perfect spot for this winter snow shoot - not only because I could walk there - but because the paved bike path and lawn "buffer" next to the path created some distance between myself and the wooded areas of the park, making it really easy to get some separation between myself and the trees and have that space fill with the flurry of falling snowflakes. The reduced visibility caused by the falling snow also hid the fact that these were smack in the middle of suburbia; I swear this park is not nearly as photogenic from a landscape perspective in the middle of the summer or pretty much any other time of the year. I ended up getting a bunch of different shots from this outing that I really like, all in just over two and a half hours. Not a bad way to spend a snow day!