Periwinkle Leaf Study
Autumn Vignette
Edge of the Beaver Pond
Cotton Candy Magical Fairy Dreamscape
Backyard Treasures II
Spring Bloom
Glowing Fern
The Southern Gentleman
Winter Colors
Frosty Trees
Lupine Light
Tulip Abstract
Red and White Azaleas
Dainty and White
The Fallen
Deciduous Leaves and Duckweed
Pond Plants
Colors of the Wind
Deciduous Canopy
Autumn in Technicolor
Trillium Trail
Brushstrokes on a Blank Canvas
The Light Within
Abstraction #3
Tamed Chaos
Winter Blues
Foggy Trunks
Spring Eastern Redbud Panorama
Quest for Thirst
Backyard Treasures
Dark and Lovely