Journal: NSN Chincoteague Meet-Up - November 2007

NatureScapes.Net used to have a pretty vibrant Mid-Atlantic Chapter, and the chapter leader would coordinate meet-ups at various locations where NSN members and forum participants could just meet-up, hang out, and shoot together. Everyone paid their own way, there was no formal photo instruction or group outings, and it was pretty casual in general, but it was a great chance to get together with other photographers, and the Mid-Atlantic Chapter folks were a great group of people so I always had a good time and usually learned something or got to check out some cool gear I didn't have. I especially enjoyed any excuse to go to Chincoteague, which despite its humble nature is one of my favorite places on earth and a seriously underrated photo destination.

During this November meetup subjects were a bit more scarce than my trips to Chincoteague in warmer months and the weather wasn't great, but beautiful sand patterns on the beach and a few shorebirds plus great company more than made up for it.