I love the outdoors. There is something about getting out in nature, often away from other people, that soothes my soul. I don't always have a camera on me when I'm spending time outdoors, but typically even when I do, I only focus on photography when I'm alone. I don't tend to spend much time composing shots if I'm with other people - when I photograph I tend to get really "zoned in" and can spend a lot of time working a specific scene and I'm convinced it's rather boring for my friends to participate in. So instead I resort to quick "grab" images in social situations.

My husband has proven to be tremendously patient, so he, and our dog, Winston, end up being my go to models. I love wild places and nature, and I love my family, so putting them together in photos just makes sense. Maybe these won't appeal to a wider audience in the same way that an unspoiled pretty landscape does, but I sure cherish them!

John Renaud, NH, New England, New Hampshire, North America, Old Town Cayuga 130, PFD, USA, United States, binoculars, boat, hat, kayak, kayaking, life jacket, life preserver, man, morning, paddle, pad, photo

Kayaks Before Coffee

A male kayaker explores a quiet New Hampshire pond on an overcast summer morning.

Adirondack Mountains, Adirondack Park, Adirondacks, Cascade Mountain, High Peaks, John Renaud, NY, New York, North America, USA, United States, United States of America, b&w, b+w, black and white, hik, photo

Hiking in the High Peaks

A male hiker strolls along the rocky ridgeline of Cascade Mountain on a summer day in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York, the surrounding High Peaks in the background.

Drummer Racing, ESC, Eastern States Cup, John Renaud, Santa Cruz Bicycles, Sugarbush, USA, United States, VT, Vermont, biking, cycling, downhill, mountain biking, mtb, race, race run, photo

Racing Stripes

Drummer Racing team rider John Renaud speeds through the woods during the Eastern States Cup Downhill Mountain Bike Race #5 at Sugarbush Mountain in Warren, Vermont. Renaud was fastest through the speed trap and placed fifth in his division.