Journal (Rock Climbing)

Bouldering at Willard Pond
September 2018

I used to be really into rock climbing, but over the past few years I've shied away from it more in favor of mountain biking and spending time doing outdoor activities where my dog can come along. For me climbing is as much about the people you climb with as the act of climbing itself...

Climbing at Marlow
June 2015

One of my favorite local climbing crags is Marlow, maybe a 25 minute drive from my house. It has a variety of climbs, top ropes are easy to set up, and the approach is pretty short, making it an ideal spot to go when you don't have a ton of time or are bringing people outdoor climbing for the first time...

American Alpine Club Dinner
March 2014

The American Alpine Club is a non-profit organization for alpinists and rock climbers that recognizes achievement in the sport and also promotes safety in alpine adventures. The northeast chapter of the AAC has annually hosted social events, climbing meet ups, and a fancy fundraising gala...