Journal (Enduro)

Brodonkulous, the Claremont Broduro
October 2017

Claremont's 2017 Broduro somehow got the title "Brodonkulous" and took place on the trails at Arrowhead Recreation Area, Moody Park, and surrounding areas. As usual fun was had.

Equipment: Canon 1D Mark IV, Canon 50mm f/1...

Claremont Broduro
September 2016

What do you get when you build a bunch of mountain biking trails, gather some riders together, and add a timing system for a friendly race between friends? The Broduro! Modeled after enduro style racing, where riders climb uphill on bikes and then race downhill repeatedly then add their timed downhill runs for a cumulative overall time that measures endurance, downhill race speed, and the ability to navigate varied terrain, the annual Broduro is simply a small scale enduro between friends...