Journal (Close To Home)

Woodland Walk with Winston
December 2018

One of the things I love most about where we live in New Hampshire is the plethora of trails and outdoor spaces within a short distance from our home. This trail is maybe a ten minute drive from our house, and I could pretty easily bike here and then hike to a swimming hole if I wanted...

Rainy Day Blues
May 2018

Our dog Winston wasn't allowed on the couch for the first year we had him. Dogs need structure and we liked clean furniture, so it worked. Of course, Winston realized the couch was a comfy place that smelled like mom and dad, so he would occasionally sneak on the couch when we weren't looking...

Pump Track
May 2016

One of our friends has a pretty cool pump track in his yard, so I tagged along when John met up with his friends Phil (3x collegiate national downhill champion Phil Kmetz of Skills with Phil YouTube fame) and Brad to ride...

KHS Prom
May 2016

What do you do when a group of teenagers you've known for years ask to you take their pre-prom photos? You say "Yes!" of course. I met with Rachel, Pat, Ella, and Owen for a quick shoot in front of the local YMCA, where all of the teens met and became friends, and where I worked with them as part of the Y's Teen Leader Corps program...

Winter Walk in Saddle River County Park
February 2010

My favorite thing about winter is how pretty it is - I just love the way everything looks covered in a fresh coat of white snow. The problem with winter is getting around. I don't even mind the cold so much, but usually when the snow is fresh and the most photogenic is when the roads haven't yet been plowed...