Do you use Lightroom Presets?

Lately I’ve been playing around with Lightroom presets. Presets are a series of saved edits, so that you can apply the same adjustments to multiple images with a single click (similar to using a filter in Instagram). I’ve found I really enjoy them for speeding up my workflow and helping me preview different ideas on an image before investing a lot of time in editing. I generally don’t treat presets as a one click edit – most images still require individual tweaking to really look their best – but they definitely save me time.

I started off buying a few preset packs before starting to create my own presets in Lightroom. Now I find myself using the presets I designed way more often than the purchased ones. Here are three images I shot today, alongside edited versions that started as presets.

Original image imported into Lightroom.

With “Mud” preset.

Quick Lightroom edit that started as the “Mud” preset. Note I haven’t made any Photoshop adjustments to this.

Original image imported into Lightroom.

With “More Matte” preset.

Quick edit of the “More Matte” preset. All Lightroom, no Photoshop!

And the final example from today’s shoot.


With a preset called “Vintage Gold.”

Final first round Lightroom edit.

These three presets are all ones I designed myself. The edits of these images took maybe 10 minutes – for all three! Presets are a huge timesaver, and I’ve really enjoyed incorporating them into my pet portrait work. Note that WordPress doesn’t seem to do a great job with compression of these images, so the edited images lack a bit of pop, which is much more apparent when viewed through a different application.

Do you use presets? If so which are your favorite?