For Sale: Lensbaby Composer + Close-up Lenses

Lensbaby Composer for Canon mount for sale. Includes lens cap, rear cap, kit with removable aperture discs, and close-up lenses for close focusing and macro shots.


The Composer allows you to create blurred areas simply by moving the outer ring – there are no knobs or dials, and the magnetic aperture rings are easy to change. These particular products are discontinued from the Lensbaby line-up in favor of newer lenses with autofocus, integrated aperture adjustments, and other advanced features, but the original Lensbaby Composer with aperture ring set and close-up lenses will allow you to get the same affect at a fraction of the cost.

This setup is what I’ve used to capture a number of dreamy, close-up shots of flowers like the one below.

yellow tulip, abstract
Tulip Abstract : Prints Available

This is one of my favorite flower abstracts of all time. My mom had planted over 200 tulip bulbs in her garden, knowing they are my favorite. Wild deer ate all but a couple of them, and this soft yellow tulip was one of the few survivors. I photographed it near sunset using a Lensbaby Composer. The pink and yellow in the background are the only other tulips that weren’t eaten.

These items retailed for well over $200 when new. Willing to sell the whole bundle for $50 plus shipping and fees. Continental USA buyers only.