Before and After: Glowing Fern

North America, Shenandoah National Park, USA, United States, VA, Virginia, blur, close-up, dreamy, fern, ferns, green, plant, shallow depth of field, soft
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The feathery fronds of a green fern leaf shimmer in the soft forest light.

The feathery fronds of a green fern leaf.


“Glowing Fern” is one of my favorites. For starters, I love ferns, partially because I picture them as part of the landscape of forest with a thick canopy of dense leaves and the forest floor covered in a rich carpet of moss and ferns, and this is where I imagine fairies would live. So part of me associates ferns with magic, and the all green color scheme and soft focus of this shot really make it seem more magical, which fits the subject perfectly.

The original straight-out-of-camera image is a little more boring. But all it needed was some brightening, a tweak with curves, and a subtle diffuse glow filter applied to soften the image and make it have that ethereal, glowing, magical quality. And voila, the final image, shown at the top of this post, is easily one of my favorites!