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Forster's Tern, hover, Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, Virginia

Angel Wings

“Do you like your job?”

The question came from a sixth grader. We sat together at the kitchen table in her family’s house, myself with a glass of water in hand, she bent over a few sheets of paper covered in questions she had come up with. My interview was part of a school project; the girl wanted to be a nature photographer one day. We were on her third page of questions and my second glass of water when she asked me if I liked what I did.

“I love it,” I told her. “I think it is really important to find something you are passionate about. If what you are doing doesn’t make you happy, then you have to ask yourself why you are doing it.” She nodded with eager eyes, lost in what I was saying. I had to repeat myself so she could write it down.

5 thoughts on “My Highlight of Today

  1. very cool Kari. I get that – i recently spoke to 70 6th graders about my experience with the penguins and other animals on South Georgia Island where i was in november. they were very engaged in deep questions, and about passion for living and for living things, even at their young age. Inspiring! You’ve probably seen this:
    and i use it in education and business to talk about this business of passion. good luck to you.

      1. Kari, so awesome to hear back from you – i’m inspired by your career and your journey. I am still in a business gigue which is pretty important and inspiring to me, and therefore find ways to combine those skills with photography and wildlife conservation causes. my company is sponsoring a county-wide scholastic competition for young photographers to benefit Save Mount Diablo – a local state park- along the likes of Nature’s Best Photography contest on a very local level! It’s a risk, but hopefully scores of kids will get outside, take some photos, be inspired to conserve and preserve. i’ll let you know how it goes. Meanwhile, here’s another inspiring talk you also probably have already heard, which helps me stay focused on why i do what i do. cheers and thanks for your friendship. hp

  2. Great post Kari! Changing my career in 2007 I know its very important to do things you passionate about ! I found it, lets hope more people will listen to their inner voice 😉

    and Hank Perry’s video is great. Maybe I will use it in one of my future blog posts !

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