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Photography has been a part of my identity for a long time. I started taking photos when I was really young, and by high school I was regularly taking photos for the school newspaper and winning journalism contests for photography and writing. In the decade plus since, photography has continued to be a part of who I am and how I connect with the world. It has enabled me to travel abroad and throughout the United States and given me the freedom to go on adventures, explore new places, see new things, and experience different cultures.

For several years, photography was my primary source of income but these days it is more of a hobby than my profession. My full time job working in college athletics, recreation, and outdoor programs focuses on my other passions – being active, exploring the outdoors, and teaching. These days I tend to shoot infrequently and when I do, it's often student athletes at the school where I work, my boyfriend racing mountain bikes, or our dog. Waking up for sunrise and staying out for sunset have become less of a priority, but I still love challenging myself to get new and creative shots and improve my photography skills, especially with new subjects.

Kari is a New Jersey born, New Hampshire based photographer, adventurer, outdoor educator, health and fitness enthusiast, and all around lover of nature. She is the former editor of NatureScapes.Net (2009-2013) and served on the North American Nature Photography Association's College Scholarship Program committee (2011-2016). Her award winning photographs been widely published, and she has written various articles about photography topics. For a behind the scenes look into Kari's photography, be sure to like and follow Kari Post Photography on Facebook.