Photography is both art and a tool. It has the ability to inspire and educate, to communicate in ways that transcend the limitations of language, age, race, or class. Photographs can show people the world around them through new eyes, creating an awareness of our social and physical environment and fostering a connection with nature. It is through photography that we can teach others about environmental issues, social injustices, and the incredible, diverse beauty of our planet; this is a tool that can help to develop responsible and informed world citizens who act as stewards for nature and humanity. My goal is not to simply create stunning photographs, but to give them a voice and a purpose, to make them work towards a better planet, and to make sure the stories they tell are heard.

1/22/15: The Power of Place Coming Soon!

The Power of Place Coming Soon! photo
The long awaited release of The Power of Place is near! Jerry Monkman and I began working on this documentary in 2013, with hopes of releasing the film later that year. Due to several unforseen setbacks, production was greatly delayed but I'm happy to say we are ready to show it to the world! The Power of Place is a documentary about the Northern Pass, a proposed power line project that would cut across 180 miles of New Hampshire's iconic and beautiful landscape. As avid outdoor enthusiasts and New Hampshire transplants who love the Granite State, we were drawn to this controversial issue and are very happy to share what we learned about it after years of research and hard work filming and capturing this story. Jerry has finalized a premiere date and location, which will be announced shortly once we work out a few final details for a great first showing. Stay tuned...

12/7/14: Holiday Super Sale

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11/8/14: Save the Date: 2015 AMC Fall Photography Weekend

Save the Date: 2015 AMC Fall Photography Weekend photo
I'm happy to report that I will be running another Fall Photography Weekend for the Appalachian Mountain Club next year. The workshop is scheduled for October 2-4, 2015 and will once again be head at the Highland Center in Crawford Notch. This is a great opportunity to visit and photograph New Hampshire's White Mountains in all of their autumn glory. I hope some of you will join me!

10/8/14: AMC Workshop a Success!

AMC Workshop a Success! photo
My Appalachian Mountain Club Fall Photography Weekend was a huge success. We had a small but wonderful group and all the participants had a great time, got images they are proud of, and learned a thing or two. I'll be adding photos from the weekend and White Mountains over the next couple of weeks, so be sure to check back regularly for new images.